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Ediie Rankin

Eddie Rankin Trophy played at Machrie against Corrie.

Machrie Bay Xmas Dinner 2014

2014 MBGC Christmas Dinner  -  a superb evening, great food.

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2014 / 2015   -   Fixture List


Tues.  18th  Nov.   Lochranza Hotel Cup

1st  Brian Sherwood   39 pts
2nd  Campbell Laing  37 pts
3rd  Mark Sherwood   36 pts

Two's   -    M Sherwood

Tues.  11th  Nov.   Winter Cup

1st  John Pennycott        67
2nd  David Brookens       68
3rd  Alastair MacDonald  69

Scratch  D Brookens & A MacDonald  78

Tues.  4th  Nov.   Winter Cup

1st  Hamish Bannatyne  62
2nd  David Brookens     64
3rd  Sally Brookes          67

Scratch & Two  H Bannatyne  67

Sat.  1st  Nov.   Lochranza Hotel Cup

1st  Phil Betley           35 pts
         2nd  Campbell Laing  34 pts (BIH)
3rd  Brian Sherwood   34 pts

Tues.  28th  Oct.   Winter Cup

1st  Elizabeth Ross    69
         2nd  Phil Betley          71 (BIH)
3rd  Brian Sherwood  71

Scratch  B Sherwood  76

Tues.  21st  Oct.  Lochranza Hotel Cup

On a blustery day 4 played but finally gave up after 9 holes!

1st  Brian Sherwood  15 pts
2nd  Phil Betley         13 pts

Tues.  14th  Oct.   Winter Cup

1st  Graham Hawley  63
        2nd  Elizabeth Ross   72 (BIH)
        3rd  Brian Sherwood  73 (BIH)

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  77

Sat.  11th October   Eddie Rankin Cup  -  Machrie v Corrie ( Stableford )

1st  Phil Betley           40
2nd  Chris Pattenden  36
3rd  Len Hartley          35

...the Eddie Rankin was won by the host club Machrie

Tues.  7th  October   Start of the Winter Cup

1st  Phil Betley           58
2nd  Brian Sherwood  59
3rd  Campbell Laing   60

Two & Scratch  -  Brian Sherwood  70

Sat.  4th  Oct   Lochranza Hotel Cup

1st  Campbell Laing   37 pts
2nd  Brian Sherwood  35 pts
3rd  Phil Betley           31 pts

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  78

Tues.  16th  Sept.   Stableford

1st  Phil Betley               44 pts
2nd  Hamish Bannatyne  40 pts
3rd  Reuben Betley        31 pts

Scratch  H Bannatyne  67

Tues.  9th  Sept.   SGLU medal & sweep

1st  John Pennycott         62
2nd  Alastair MacDonald  70
3rd  Campbell Laing         71

Scratch  John Pennycott  75
Two's  Alastair MacDonald

Tues.  2nd  September   Stableford

1st  Phil Betley            48 points
2nd  Brian Sherwood  39 points
3rd  Jenni Turnbull      32 points

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  74

Tues.  26th  August   Medal

1st  Brian Sherwood      69
2nd  Ian Buchanan        70
3rd  Douglas Johnston  73

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  80

Lawson - Cameron Cup   -   After a close game David Jeffrey won,
beating John Pennycott on the last hole.

Denise & Brian Sherwood 2014

Winner of the Peter SuttonBrian Sherwood with a score of 399 on a count back
Runner up :  David Price  399

Winner of the Lady Mary :  Denise Sherwood with a 49
Runner up :  Alice Anderson  52

Tues.  19th  August   Final Day of Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Campbell Laing        66
          2nd  Fiona Scott              67 (BIH)
  3rd  Alastair MacDonald  77

Scratch  Alastair MacDonald  77

Tues.  12th August  Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Brian Sherwood  69
2nd  Mike Hesp         70
         3rd  Phil Betley          71 (BIH)

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  80

Tues.  5th  August   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Phil Betley                 67
2nd  Brian Sherwood       69
3rd  Alastair MacDonald  72

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  80

Tues.  29th  July   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Phil Betley           62
2nd  Campbell Laing  63
         3rd  David Wilkinson  69 (BIH)

Scratch  Campbell Laing  82

Tues.  22nd  July   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  John Pennycott   68
        2nd  Brian Sherwood  69 (BIH)
3rd  Alice Anderson    69

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  79

Tues.  15th  July   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Colin Rutterford  65
         2nd  Elizabeth Ross   69 (BIH)
         3rd  David Price        69 (BIH)

Scratch  Graham Hawley  73
Two  Ken McKinlay

Tues.  8th  July   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Phil Betley           65
        2nd  Brian Sherwood  70 (BIH)
3rd  David Scott         70

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  80
Two  David Scott

Sat.  5th  July   Captain's Day   -   9 hole Stableford

Ladies winner   -   Viv Parks 21 pts
Longest drive for ladies   -   Piet Johnston
Nearest the pin for ladies   -   Viv Parks

Gents winner   -   Ken McKinlay  22 pts
Longest drive for men   -   Ken McKinlay
Nearest the pin for men   -   David Jeffrey

Captain's Day @ Machrie Bay 2014

1st  Denise Sherwood & Ken McKinlay
2nd  Viv Parks & Ron Woods
3rd  Mary Wilkinson & Mike Hesp

Thanks to Willie for organising the cakes & tea.
Also to Claire and the tearoom staff for supplying the delicious cakes & tea.
And to David Jeffrey for the excellent condition of the course.
A great afternoon had by all!

Tues.  1st  July   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

         1st  Hugh McClelland  67 (BIH)
2nd  Ken McKinlay      67
3rd  Elizabeth Ross    68

Scratch  Ken McKinlay  78

Tues.  24th  June   Gleneagles Medal

1st  Alice Anderson  64
        2nd  Jenni Turnbull   65 (BIH)
         3rd  Brian Sherwood  65 (BL6)

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  75
Two's  Brian Sherwood at the 8th / 14th

Ladies winner Alice Anderson and Gents winner Brian Sherwood.
The winners have the chance to play at Gleneagles.
Money raised goes to Clic Sargent Childrens Cancer Care

All three games went to the last hole and excellent golf was played by all.

First game out was the Ladies Championship Final   -
 Viv Parks v Alice Anderson, with Viv winning 1 up.

Gents Championship Final   -   Willie Kelso v Sandy Murray
 with Sandy trying to win for the 3rd year in a row was beaten on the last by Willie 1up.

President's Cup Final   -   Donald Logan v Alastair MacDonald with Donald winning 1 up.

2014 Championship winners at Machrie Bay

Mon.  23rd  June  Championships Finals & President's Cup final  -  tee off 5.30pm

Ladies :   Viv Parks  v  Alice Anderson
Gents :  Sandy Murray  v  Willie Kelso

Viv Parks  -  2014 Machrie Bay Ladies Champion

Tues.  17th  June   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Jenni Turnbull     67
        2nd  John Pennycott  68 (BIH)
3rd  David Brookens  68

Scratch  David Brookens  79

Tues.  10th  June   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Brian Sherwood  64
2nd  David Price        69
3rd  Ron Woods        73

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  74

Mon.  16th June   -    Club Championship Semi - Finals

Ladies :

Jenni Turnbull  v  Viv Parks
Alice Anderson  v  Elizabeth Kelso

Gents :

Sandy Murray  v  David Jeffrey
Willie Kelso  v  Brian Sherwood

Sat.  7th  June   Duncan Sillars & Gents 2nd Round CCQ

1st  Campbell Laing   66
2nd  Sandy Murray    68
3rd  Brian Sherwood  71

Scratch Sandy Murray  73

Tues.  3rd  June   Ladies 2nd Round CCQ / Peter Sutton

1st  Alice Anderson       68
        2nd  Denise Sherwood  71 (BIH)
3rd  Brian Sherwood     71

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  81

Tues.  27th  May   Club Championship Sweep

         1st  Mike Hesp           66 (BIH)
2nd  Campbell Laing  66
3rd  Mark Sherwood  67

Scratch  Mark Sherwood  72

Two's  :-  Donald Logan, Mark Sherwood (2)

Tues.  20th  May   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Ron Woods              67
2nd  Brian Sherwood      69
3rd  Hamish Bannatyne  70

Scratch  -  H Bannatyne  75  & Two's  -  Brian Sherwood

Tues.  13th  May   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  David Price         64
2nd  Ron Woods       67
         3rd  Brian Sherwood  68 (BIH)

Scratch  H Bannatyne & D Price 76

Tues.  6th  May   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  Brian Sherwood        66
2nd  Alastair MacDonald  67
3rd  David Price               69

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  76

Sat.  3rd  May   Hugh Steel Cup  -  9 hole comp

1st  Willie Kelso        31.5
2nd  Brian Sherwood  34
         3rd  David Price          35 (BIH)

Scratch  W Kelso  35

Tues.  29th  April   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

         1st  John Pennycott  68 (BIH)
2nd  Brian Sherwood  68
3rd  Elizabeth Kelso   69

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  78

Tues.  22nd April   Peter Sutton

1st  John Pennycott  68
        2nd  Campbell Laing  69 (BIH)
3rd  Brian Sherwood  69

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  76

Tues.  15th  April   AGA Grouse Foursomes Qualifier

 1st  Willie Kelso & Brian Sherwood        66.5
2nd  John Pennycott & David Brookens  69
3rd  Campbell Laing & Ian Buchanan      72

Top 2 pairs go through to play @ Corrie on Sat 13th Sept.

Tues.  8th  April   Peter Sutton / Lady Mary

1st  David Price         63
        2nd  Elizabeth Kelso  70 (BIH)
        3rd  Mark Sherwood  70 (BIH)

Scratch  Mark Sherwood & David Price  75

Tues.  1st  April   Stableford Sweep

1st  Brian Sherwood  37
2nd  David Price       35
3rd  Fiona Scott        32

Scratch  Brian Sherwood

Brian Sherwood 2014

Picture shows Brian Sherwood with his haul of silverware  -
Winter Cup & the Lochranza Hotel Cup!

Tues.  25th  March   Final round of the Winter Cup

1st  David Price         66
2nd  David Scott         71
3rd  Brian Sherwood  74

Scratch  David Price  73

Winner of the Winter cup is Brian Sherwood with  389,
Runner up was David Price  394

Tues.  18th  March   Final day of the Lochranza Hotel Cup

1st  Brian Sherwood  36 pts
        2nd  Campbell Laing  29 pts (BIH)
3rd  John Milesi         29 pts

Scratch  Brian Sherwood  74

Winner of the Lochranza Hotel Cup is Brian Sherwood with 182 pts,
Runner up was David Price on 172 pts

Winner of the two's competition was Brian Sherwood with 32 pts,
2nd was Campbell Laing with 21 pts
and 3rd was Alastair MacDonald with 10 pts.

Money raised for charity was £400.

The Club currently has
membership vacancies.

Membership of MBGC for 2014

 is great value for money,

£90 per Adult   -   (no entry fee).

£30 per Junior (under 18)   -   (no entry fee).

For an application form please e-mail...


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The Secretary,
Machrie Bay Golf Club,
Isle of Arran,
KA27 8DR

We have a game every   Tuesday   throughout the Winter season.
The competition starts at...

12.00 Noon
Please arrive around 10 - 15 mins. before this.

If you are a member & would like to play then please come along & join in,
we welcome everybody & you will be assured a friendly game.

Gents, Ladies & Juniors all play together, which is unusual,
but does work very well.

Unless otherwise stated all competitions start at


are off the medal tees, and are open to ladies and gents.
(AGA are gents only, ALGU and SLGA are ladies only)

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